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Every face tells a different story. Every mane of hair has a different legacy. As beauty artists, our mission is to bring that story to life with our brushes, talent, your vision, and our passion for what we do. Classic natural beauty or crafted prosthetic application, the collective is devoted to delivering the best our skills have to offer no matter what the look or the occasion.

The wedding beauty collective was created because of two things, a passion for the co-creative process between bride and artist, and most importantly a love for beauty by enhancing every bride’s own unique look while harnessing their vision .

We believe it is our job to nurture your ideas and dreams for your vision of your special day. We work actively with you to make your look unique to you. The collective brings artists and brides together; so you can relax, be pampered, and trust knowing you will be your very best on your wedding day.

We are wide variety of talents, strengths, ideas, and creative minds. Together we can pair the proper bride with the appropriate artist given the style, look, and feel that is desired. We feel privileged to be a part of your most special day, and believe customer service is of the utmost importance. Trust in us to take complete care of you, and your beauty needs. The collective is a co-creative experience, and a holistic process that encompasses all of our bride’s beauty needs.

Let's create the wedding beauty experience of your dreams

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Amanda Duckett

Amanda Duckett

Creator & Founder
Creator and founder, Amanda Duckett, has been on the Central Coast for over 10 years, where she was the first person to be an apprentice. Amanda started her career by training with the creator of Tigerlily Salon in San Luis Obispo, one of the most unique, innovative, and collaborative salons on the Central Coast since its birth in 2005, and where she currently sees clients day in and day out. Amanda soon began to specialize in weddings and working with brides. The creation of the collective was derived from the pure passion Amanda has for the process of bringing a bride's beauty dreams to life. Over the years, her work and reputation for individuality, creativity, and executing above and beyond have become widely known. As a result of her increased popularity and experience in the industry, Amanda came up with the idea to build a team that would be able to service a wide variety of brides' wants and needs with more than one creative mind. Dedicated to her craft, Amanda continues her training and education on a regular basis, regularly traveling to Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Amanda's work has been featured on some of the best wedding websites available, including Borrowed & Blue.